Lunch in Entrevaux

I rode the Provence Train, Chemins de Fer de Provence, and visited a few small villages along the way.

This is lunch in Entrevaux, after visiting the Citadel. The 13th century fortress at the top is spectacular! It has undergound passages, prisons, lookout towers and much more. I’ll post images of the castle in another post.

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  1. sherri

    It looks yummy. Be looking for those photos.

  2. Sven

    Nu går jag och lagar mat. Sätter en baguettedeg och tar ett glas rött.
    Jag blev både hungrig och törstig.

  3. ankan

    När var du i Frankrike då? :nyfiken

  4. Macphoto Blog Post » Dessert

    [...] A wonderful dessert, served outdoor on a sunny day in Entrevaux, France. You can see the main dish over here. [...]

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